“Quite simply a funky maestro oozing charisma and charm with outstanding vocal mastery, you will regret not booking this man” – Taking the Piste


Hobo Chic is the musical life of Adam Speight. It is the music he performs, writes and covers, the shows he plays and the musicians with whom he collaborates. Hobo Chic is his sound, his style and his life.


Adam discovered his passion for music at an early age in the beautiful landscapes of rural Lancashire but moved to London to hone his natural talents and musical appreciation. He is inspired by many musical styles and artists ranging from soul legends like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, through funk artists James Brown and Prince, reggae maestro Bob Marley, to the contemporary acoustic sounds of Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard. Adam has taken the music he loves and developed his own powerful style and presence, putting his unique stamp on the music he performs and writes.


For the past eight winters Adam has toured the French Alps as Hobo Chic, entertaining all walks of life at hundreds of shows. He spends the rest of his year travelling and playing to enthusiastic audiences in many places. He has performed in the glitz and glamour and super yachts of Cannes film festival and multi million pound chalets of the French and Swiss Alps. He has supported well known artists such as Newton Faulkner, KT Tunstall and The Feeling at winter snow and music festivals; Altitude, Little World and Momentum Ski. Busking from the old cobbled streets of the French Riviera to the bustling pavements of London, Adam, a musical traveller is a hobo at heart and is in his element performing to audiences, large or small.


….Adam, a guitarist with incredible vocal ability, is Hobo Chic. He performs alone, but along the way he has teamed up with other  amazing musicians who can join him to add to the amazing ‘Hobo Chic’ sound. To name but a few:


Max Evans (Max the Sax)

Exceptional saxophonist and pianist, Max joined the group in the early days, playing together in a restaurant in the Alps. Coupled with Adam’s funky vocals and guitar, Max’s beautiful jazzy tone and laid-back groove will take you to another place.



Benjamin Westaway (Westy)

Adam also met Westy, a phenomenal guitarist, in the Alps. Westy’s smile exudes charm and his guitar, acoustic or electric, will literally …blow…your…mind.



Andrew Gilmour (Giz)

Playing together for over a decade Adam and Giz have locked down their smooth groove. A stupendous guitarist and musician, Giz’s sound will leave you wanting more.


Anthony Channer (Ant)

London based, Anthony Channer, is an original member of Hobo Chic and an unbelievable bass player to boot. As solid as they come he has all the grooves in arsenal!!!